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I have a brochure I would like to put into letter format for all Americans to read and see if we have failed as a nation to abide by. It’s time to stand for our way of life. It also contains the Pledge of Allegiance after 1960 with one nation under God in the Pledge as we use to recite in schools.

The National Flag represents the living country and is considered to be a living thing emblematic of the respect and pride we have for our nation. Our flag is a precious possession. Display it proudly.

There are certain fundamental rules of Heraldry which, if understood, generally indicate the proper method of displaying the flag. The right arm, which is the sword arm and the point of danger, is the place of honor. Hence, the union of the flag is the place of honor or honor point.

The National Emblem is a symbol of our great country, our heritage and our place in the world. We owe reverence and respect to our flag.

It represents the highest ideals of individual liberty, justice, and equal opportunity for all.

It is of my opinion that we have removed this national treasure from most places it should be displayed. I.E., places of religion, court houses, schools and other public places to represent our living country for individual liberty, justice, and equal opportunity for all. Also I seen on t.v. last week a pastor suggested we change the Bible from ten commandments to the ten suggestions to keep up with modern times. Has some Christians lost all sense of the reason for those commandments? I leave with those thoughts.

A Salute to Old Glory

A Salute to Old Glory

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