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I will use the words trust and faith instead of hope and change. I trusted that the people of America would have enough faith when voting last year to install a new group of people in Congress, to restore trust in our Republic. Vote to create a different attitude of thinking in Congress to upset the conquest of our Judicial and Executive branches trying to destroy our rights and free will given to us by our Creator in the Pledge of Allegiance, the Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights. Restoring our Republic (USA) to a world leader who embraces all people as described in our Book of knowledge known as the Bible. I for one, truly believe this was the intention of our Founding Fathers as they prayed for guidance in establishing the Republic.

Remove the Republic out of the United Nations and the United Nations out of the Republic. We have provided them a safe place and monies for over seventy years even as the League of Nations. Let them move to a neutral nation ala, Switzerland and let us pay only our fair share of the expenses. Even one who is not aware of the large costs involved should agree with this solution to this problem.

A Free Republic vs. United Nations/Federal Conquest

A Free Republic vs. United Nations/Federal Conquest

These two resolutions I will stand on. I will gladly vote to restore our great Republic to be a world first class compassionate leader and gladly to the best of abilities stand on my Christian faith to vote for the person who in my eyes and beliefs is best qualified to accomplish my resolutions. Too many people in today’s world love to be heard but fail to be seen. Similar to our current administration in Washinton D.C. They have the attitude it is my way or the highway but being of Christian faith, I believe it’s God’s way using only two words Faith and Trust.

Dan Causer Sr. is also a blog contributor for Solomon’s Words For The Wise.

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