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Dehumanizing The Population With A Robot Revolution

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Nathan Laurenson




There is this story out of the financial times titled  Dawn of a robot revolution as army of machines escape the factory. While this title gives the illusion of the next Terminator or sci fi flick, lets take real look into the story.  Its about  two robots called Rosie and Sandy, built by SABRE Autonomous Solutions. These two robots jobs are sand blasters that blast rust and corrosion off of the Sydney Harbour bridge. Sounds pretty harmless right, your thinking who cares what and how does this affect me, well you better start caring because these robots just put humans out of work. Guess what, your job is next, no ones job is safe not even  the slave laborers jobs in china. Chinese factories are now the number one consumer of robots on the globe. So if companies don’t want to pay slave labor is your job down at the factory safe.

There are many angles of this story that tie into a much larger picture. Late last year I read an article in workboat magazine about ship captains running and driving a ship from an office on land and its currently in the test phase in London. Its sound cool, futuristic but what about all the other jobs aboard a vessel that make it run like the deck crew, engine department, and galley department. What about the humanity? Why such a push to get rid of us. Slowly this autonomous robot idea is being pushed everywhere.

Lets take a look at a couple more examples, drones are replacing  troops on a battlefield, taking the human interaction of war out of battles and dehumanizing the troops to sit in an office thousand of miles away and pushing a button. This isn’t war, now I’m not promoting war but if your going into foreign lands at least be men and fight a war not play some video game that actually kills innocent women and children. Bottom line  its about dehumanizing us. Taking away the human experience.

Another example are these driver less cars being tested in Europe, which are being pushed to remove the human error involved in driving which will be safer right. Do what!!!!. Call me crazy but what happens when a hacker taps into your car and drives it into a brick wall or a tree. That would never happen right because we live in a society where you can trust everyone, no one would ever harm you, especially the government. The government has only been the biggest mass murderer in history, 260,000,000 people have been killed by the hands of the state the last century alone. So we are all safe, robots are great, they are not being rolled out to take your jobs, they are not being used to murder women and children as we speak and they  aren’t being used to take out the human experience as we speak. I hope you feel the sarcasm, if not its to late for you anyway.

Humanity is being attacked all the time now. The globalists like Bill Gates push ideas that planet is over populated and many people buy into that. Bill Mahr has stated on his show that he is for whatever promotes death the quickest. My question to these people are you going to kill yourself for the planet, I’m not. Then you have the whole transhumanist movement being funded by billionaires and scientists like Ray Kurzweil, who believe they will merge with computers and become like God. Check out the 2045 project.

Its about de humanizing us tearing us down to where we no longer interact with our neighbors, our families or our  friends. We are being controlled by machines right now each and everyone of you probably have one in your pocket its called a smart phone. Slowly they get us dependent on the machines and everywhere I look people are looking down at these machines which we have to be connected to every second of everyday. At the same time all of these interactions with machines has  actually dumbed us down in a lot of areas. Un plug lets go back to being human beings not biological androids that don’t interact with one another and lets fight the robot revolution.

The revolution of machines is upon us. Incrementally being phased in one job at a time they will take from us until we are forced kicking and screaming back into darkness while the ruling elite get and control all of the technological advancements for themselves.

So next time you go buy groceries go to the cashier it may take an extra 5 minutes out of your day but it will save a job and save humanity. Lets save humanity one small decision at a time. Small daily conscious decisions will save us so remember



Murder By Government–Democide 




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