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Army Base Set Up For Asymmetric Warfare in America Gets Infiltraited By Reporters

Nathan Laurenson
The Daily


Infowars reporters David Knight and Staff Sargent Joe Biggs go to A Virginia military base that is set up to look like American city. Staff Sargent Biggs was able to obtain clearance to the base by using his military ID.

The military train for real life surroundings and settings, so why an American city outfitted with a bank, a subway, school, crosswalks, church, office building, sports stadium, Mosque,and the whole nine yards.
The skeptics will say the military needs real life situations, and I fully agree but usually they use concrete block houses and won’t have no where near the detail that this facility has.

Then the timing and the climate that we live in today with drills being ran to confiscate legal firearms, the no hesitation shooting targets that were ordered by DHS with pictures of a farmer wearing A John Deere hat, pregnant woman with a firearm, grandma, even A little boy and girl, these are training targets ordered by our government that are aimed at normal citizens not terrorists.

If you add it all up its real suspicious, its real easy to tie all of the recent actions taken by the DHS and realize how this doesn’t look good and you can’t just dismiss the notion that the military is openly training to take on the American people in A Red Dawn scenario. But When the DHS openly purchases the ammo, assault vehicles, fully auto weapons, all the reports and drills were the military is openly training against who, you guessed it, us we the people.

Are the military training for war against U.S. citizens? In the land of common core where 2+2=5 its hard to understand what you see. When you watch the video even Staff Sargent Biggs who is a decorated war hero was extremely un eased by what he was seeing and stated my gut tells me this isn’t good. To the Americans that are awake 2 plus 2 still equals 4.

Please watch the videos do your own research and I believe you to will also come to the realization that we the people are the targets, not Al Quiada, which the west openly funds and gives weapons to. The main targets are the tea party, returning veterans, constitutionalists, liberty lovers as stated in the MIAC report in 2009, just to name one report but are a number of others as well.Basically anyone who is on the right of Mao Zedung.






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