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Was Racist NBA Owner set Up By Girlfriend So Magic Johnson could buy team

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Nathan Laurenson

Donald Sterling Magic Johnson


What Donald Sterling said was appalling and he is an elitist , racist and I disagree with him 1000%.But I have questions whether or not he was set up and did his girlfriend collude with Magic Johnson so he his partners the Guggenheim group could buy his Clippers. Am I wrong for asking this I don’t know but its definitely a possibility, so lets explore the evidence together.

His girlfriend was seen with Magic Johnson before this and also seen with Dodger players  before all this took place. I know just hanging around these people doesn’t make this some conspiracy but I’m just laying the groundwork for the story.

The real question I ask is  why was his girlfriend secretly recording him which by the way in California is against the law. There had to be a motive why his girlfriend recorded him in secret, she had to have an angle and something to gain. Why would she destroy her cash cow?

Magic Johnson was one of the first ones to come out against him and rightfully so and now the headline today from  Yahoo Sports says Magic Johnson  purchasing the team could be a good a good exit strategy for Sterling and the NBA. The Guggenheim Group also tried to buy the Lakers from the Buss family. Reports also come out now that he is a known racist and if that’s true why did these players and coaches continue to play for this man and they never had a problem with taking his money before this incident. He has had many lawsuits filed against him in other ventures, even former NBA great and former Clippers team GM Elgin Baylor sued him and he  said Sterling  has a “plantation Mentality”. Its well established he is a racist so why take him out now, the league and players haven’t had a problem supporting before. Why did the media down play his Racism until now?

Even if this story has no legs and I’m reaching one things for sure  the establishment is using this to keep us distracted from the real issues and accomplishing the one tool it has used through out history good ole divide and conquer. Racism is real and is in every culture race and religion But so what who cares what he said the players have the right not to play for him and I support the players in not playing for him but the difference between me and them is I would’ve never sold out and been his slave on his plantation .

The real racism comes from planned parenthood who pushes abortions to blacks. Bill Gates is the main funder of planned parenthood, no one is screaming for his head when  abortions kill 48 to 52% of blacks before their born, that’s racism.

What about the gangsta culture pushed with rap through MTV, BET so we keep people incarcerated that’s racism. What about Nike pushing $200 tennis shoes with black athletes endorsing them knowing that is going to be bought by under privileged children who can’t afford them and they are made by Chinese slave labor, that’s racism.

Mummar Gaddafi was bringing Africa together and through the Obama administration and the state department over threw him and he was murdered, that’s racism. Obama with his drone strikes on innocent women and children, that’s racist.

The welfare state that has been pushed to the black community which  pays for the father not to be in the home and to keep them dependent on the nanny state, that’s racism. Most of us don’t agree with what this scum bag Sterling said but we are still  supposed to be in America that has a constitution, and under the first amendment free speech should be protected. That’s why we have the 1st amendment its for the speech that we don’t agree with. That being said you have the right not to support him.

What if you  black and  owned a business you said something racist about white people should you loose your business? No, you shouldn’t that’s what having a free market is all about. Making Sterling sell is a slippery slope, and the way to make him sell is to not support him don’t go to games, don’t buy merchandise and through the free market system owning the clippers will no longer be sustainable. Really racism is nothing more than tribalism, one tribe against another and we are under it in some form. Our  and I say our because  we need to be unified together in order to fight the real culprits that are soft killing us( the globalist control group) with poison in our food, genetically engineered food, fluoride in the water, tainted dirty vaccines, the aluminum dioxide being sprayed in the air, the civil war that  we are being forced in, the giant police state that’s here to suck all of our freedom from us, these are the real issues. At the end of the day this elitist scumbag who said some hateful words isn’t killing us but people like Bill Gates, David Rockefeller and Lord Rothschild. Remember

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