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11 surviving Victims Of Forced Sterilization In Va. Receive 25,000 Settlement


Nathan Laurenson


In 1924 the state of Virginia passed The Eugenical Sterilization Act which led to forced sterilization of up to 8,300 women. This was carried out until act was repealed in 1974. This was an involuntary program that was forced upon women who where labeled as undesirable. This surely sounds eerily similar to the same type of breeding practices that took place during Hitler’s reign in the 3o’s and 40’s. Hitler actually adopted the plan from race scientists from California in which they adopted from elite of England.

Thursday Virginia state lawmakers ruled to compensate 11 surviving victims of this horrific act with a measly 25,000 dollars. If the state commits these atrocious acts they just receive a slap on the wrist while you have a lifetime of suffering. Sounds fair don’t it.





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